Here at Calhoun Chiropractic Wellness Center, we take your health seriously. We use a specific, and highly effective Chiropractic technique known as Gonstead Technique. Since we don’t like to guess with your health, we have our own x-ray system on site, allowing us to get a clear and accurate picture of your spinal health.

We offer only the highest quality supplements from Standard Process products (if we don’t have it in the office, we can order it for our patients), Nordic Naturals, Total Tea (Green, Energy, Detox), Green Roads Wellness (CBD oil), Living Fuel protein powder, Nutriplex, Plant Fusion protein powder, Greens First products (pM alkalizer, and other products that we can order), Pure products.

Alone with nutritional products, we also offer Bioposture (pillows, mattress recommendation), Footlevelers Orthotics and Foot scans, Traction sets and various back, knee and hand support braces.

The health of you and your family, is your greatest asset.

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