Dr. Justin P. Calhoun
Calhoun Chiropractic Wellness Center
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Victor, NY 14564
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What to Expect

Here at Calhoun Chiropractic, we practice Gonstead technique and use the Insight Subluxation Station to determine what is happening in your body.

We can measure the muscle imbalance caused by the subluxations. When a nerve is irritated by a subluxation, it Increases nerve signaling to a muscle causing a muscle to tighten. The tighter the muscle the more electrical current will go through it. The less nerve flow to a muscle the less electrical current goes through it. We can measure this current in the muscles next to your spine where the nerves exit the spine to see if there are subluxations that are causing abnormal nerve function.

The autonomic nerves control your organs and one of the biggest is your skin. That increase nerve flow to the skin causes it to function more and heat up. That decrease nerve flow to the skin causes the skin to work less causing it to give off less heat or cool down. We can measure this difference to see if there are subluxations causing an imbalance in the autonomic nerves with this scan.

Then we check for specific lack of or improper motion, postural distortions or imbalances in these areas along with the areas that correlate with a persons symptoms to see if there is a subluxation. Then if a person is not pregnant or too young to stand still we take an x-ray to further assess the spinal position specifically while it is under weight. Correlating the information gathered from the exams and how the joint is positioned on the x-ray allows us to determine exactly how the joint needs to be adjusted to reduce and remove the subluxation. This allows the body to function innately to better increase its functioning and improve ones quality of life!

If we determine there are problems not within the scope of Chiropractic then we refer out to the appropriate doctor or health care professional so the person can get the care they need.